VTB was subjected to a powerful DDoS attack

Representatives ofthe bank report that VTB’s technological infrastructure is «under an unprecedented cyber attack from abroad.» The company emphasizes that this attack was the largest not only this year, but also for the entire time of the bank’s work. There may be problems in the work of mobile applications and the web version of VTB Online.

Separately, it is emphasized that the bank’s systems operate normally, and customer data is protected from external interference, as they are located in the internal perimeter of the bank’s technological infrastructure.

«In the course of countering the actions of hackers attacking the external circuit of the bank’s systems, specialists are doing everything necessary and possible so that customers do not feel discomfort in using the services. However, when applying countermeasures, temporary difficulties in the operability of banking applications and the web version of VTB Online are periodically possible. We apologize for this situation and hope for understanding.

Analysis of the DDoS attack indicates that it is planned and large-scale. Its goal is to cause inconvenience to the bank’s customers by complicating the work of banking services, «the official press release of VTB reads.

It is also reported that most of the attacking requests to the bank’s services were generated in foreign segments of the Internet, «but the fact of the presence of malicious traffic from Russian IP addresses is of particular concern.»

«We do not exclude that some of these Russian addresses could be among the participants in the attack as a result of cyber fraud. All established Russian IP addresses will be transferred to law enforcement agencies for verification, since actions to organize and participate in a DDoS attack are a criminal offense, «the bank’s representatives write.

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