Ransomware stopped the work of the French hospital

Because of the dastardly attack, doctors had to cancel all operations and urgently transfer patients to other hospitals.

According to Franceinfo, over the weekend, the famous andré Mignot training hospital was subjected to a cyberattack that forced the institution to turn off all computer networks. This led to the cancellation of all operations and the transfer of some patients to other hospitals.

French Health Minister Francois Braun confirmed reports of the cyberattack and said the hospital had been put under a state of emergency to prevent the data from falling into the hands of hackers. Now all the efforts of the staff are aimed at supporting the work of outpatient services and the emergency department, as more people are needed there to monitor critical equipment, which is no longer networked.

It is reported that all the screens of hospital computers were blocked, because of which the administration temporarily limited the reception of patients and left the computer system turned off for security purposes.

And despite the fact that there were no technical details in the media reports, experts believe that the incident was the work of hackers. In addition, it is not yet known whether the attackers managed to steal any data during the cyber attack.

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